Case Results

Innovative & Strategic Representation
  • Charges Reduced
    16 Criminal Offenses

    Once represented a young woman who was charged with 16 criminal offenses, including Drug charges, Burglary, Interference with Official Acts, Contempt of Court, and Damage to Property. The client was facing over eleven years in prison. We were able to resolve the case and the client only served 45 days in jail.

  • Aquitted

    A client who was accused of assaulting and strangling his wife charges he vehemently denied. That case went to a jury trial, and the jury acquitted Keith.

  • Aquitted

    Another client, who owned a bar was charged with assaulting one of his bar patrons. The case went to a jury trial. Fortunately, the bar had security cameras. After seeing the security camera footage, the jury acquitted my client.

  • No Jail Time
    Felony Terrorism

    Represented a man accused of Felony Terrorism. After much preparation and nearly reaching trial, the charge was amended to a Simple Misdemeanor, and the client served no additional jail time.

  • Aquitted
    Sexual Abuse

    My client was accused of Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree for allegedly fondling his girlfriend’s seven-year-old daughter. “Dave” was facing a 25-year prison sentence. At first, it looked like the State had a strong case. After vigorously investigating the case and involving a team of expert witnesses, the case went to a jury trial. The client was acquitted of all charges.

  • Dismissed

    Client was charged with Burglary. He was accused of breaking into a local convenience store with a baseball bat. The State alleged several firemen across the street witnessed “Martell” breaking the door in with a baseball bat. After deposing the firemen, all charges were dismissed.

  • Charges Dismissed

    The client was accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from her employer. The case was resolved without being convicted, and she spent no time in jail. I have represented numerous men and women accused of similar crimes. Similar outcomes were reached.